People are paying him $15,000 for a sales letter!
"Using His Secrets I Will Show You How To Become Expert Level Income Like He Makes"
12 Videos showing the secrets and strategies Brett and others used to help many businesses to grow their profits
Support materials to continuously improve your skills in managing your business
Additional bonuses to complement the course and materials
Many big pieces of advertising in the recent history of business have been written and tested by this great advertising genius and now he reveals in one full package all his secrets to let you know the amazing way to success

Amazing Video Tutorial

Exclusive Insights from Australian results' guarantee copywriter Brett McFall

Over the past 24 years, he has written over 10,000 adverts, sales letters and websites for 153 different industries. Brett McFall on stage at the National Achievers Congress, MelbourneToday he's known more for his internet marketing businesses and his ability to teach internet marketing in an easy-to-understand way.

"Brett McFall is a world-class copywriter in my book. He writes some of the hottest copy I've ever seen. If you've got any sort of brain in your head, I guarantee you will learn from him. Do whatever it takes to be in the same room with him. Pay him whatever he charges ... because ... THIS guy will make you millions."
Gary Halbert (USA), Marketer and Author of "The Gary Halbert Letter"

You can have Brett's secrets at your home. The choices you make right now will influence your business soon.   

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Testimonial: Brett McFall Strategy Results - Amanda Clarkson

Watch what people say about Brett Mcfall...

All the gems of one of the world best experts in advertising and copywriting revealed in an amazing multimedia tutorial made available to people who are serious about this business

Some of the "Marketing Experts " have said that I am underselling the value of this package.

These people are 100% right and I may be raising the price to $497!

More over this is a video course!

From the desk of Dan Protti

Author of the multimedia tutorial

ear friend,

I am really excited to share with you the great experience I had when I discovered the great secrets of writing powerful and cash-pulling advertising pieces following steps by steps the great teachings of Brett McFall.

I knew of Brett McFall occasionally searching on the Internet. I had the experience to grab some reports he wrote during these years and listened him speaking at some live Internet events. I soon realized that...

...what I was reading was really a map to a goldmine...

and I said but what's this guy's story? Testimonial after testimonials, review after review I ended up with a picture of a really amazing world class advertising genius.

Today there are many people that aske him to write advertising letters both online and offline and they pay him $15,000 at each direct mail piece!

The amazing story was that one day I asked him to start a mega project. After months of hard study I had picked up so much from this great experience and I created a video tutorial recording all the tips and tricks a copywriter should have.

Many people today are spending a lot of money to have their advertising pieces written and... just few steps You can become a world class copywriter.

Following the techniques in this course you can literally create your own piece in the same day you are thinking of it. It's so easy with training by Brett that at the end of the program you will say: "I did not even think it possible but now I am doing it".

Many people have written amazing pieces after his lessons and now they are making a lot of money selling their own products and writing copies for others.

The experience I had reading from Brett was amazing, I have learnt more in those periods than in all my life and in a matter of a few weeks I wrote my first advertising piece.

But I am making your life easier than mine through studying this material that I created. You can take the same train that took me some months and shock it down in the 6 hours that you can watch and listen to at your own pace

When you listen to what Brett teaches...

You have an immediate picture of the amazing advertising secrets possessed by so few

You have to spend very little time to discover and digest these amazing pieces of the advertising history.

You have a clear picture of what the message Brett wants to transmit is. You can watch the real examples and case studies that have made the success of big companies.

You can learn not only from these secrets but also from the way they are presented.

Moreover you are really like because this way of presenting an advertising course is really new and

you may profit right now before it is too late.

Brett and I are really excited of this big project and we would like to give a great opportunity to serious advertiser and business people who have a real plan in investing their time and energy in this amazing science.

If you are reading this message up to this point you are surely serious in pursuing your business project and this new way of presenting advertising can be a great opportunity.

But you need to harry up because many other people will know about this way and you will not have taken profit from it when it was the right time.

This mass of know how and effort needed to create this video course can be easily estimated to many thousands of dollars.

It is now time to see if to stay on the side of people who want to work as ordinary business men or on the side of people that want to constantly improve their image and business approach.

If you do not know what I am saying go and read my course on product management at But you should already know in your life that differentiation, creativity, improvement are the keys to success. And here in this course...

many of the keys to success are revealed.

You have all you need for an advertising campaign in 12 videos for a total duration of 6 hours.

You have everything in a hollywood representation of all the contents Brett has described in his professional life. Any concept or example is made really easy and you do not have to waste a lot of time to go back and re-read a piece you may have found too difficult.

But I guarantee you that every concept is presented as a very simple story.

Simple stories to present great examples of advertising that sells

Very few have skipped the opportunity to discover the secrets of Brett McFall and really few will skip this new opportunity to have all his secrets in one single package.

Why do you need to spend for a copywriter when you can learn how to write your sales pitches in a matter of few hours?

You will be also able to know how to test your advertising pieces and then how to pick the real one that will make you make tons of dollars.

You are probably one of the first people very close to the opportunity to discover the unrevealed experiment...

An Italian Engineer and a Famous Australian Copywriter found a new way to present advertising

And when this secret will be revealed maybe it will be too late to make profit from it!

The time to be the first, the different, the real one is when it appears: NOW!

But what will you find in this course. The following is a detailed description of the single videos the course is composed of:


The Advertising Of The Future - What It Is, And Why You Need to Start Doing It … Faster
  • Discover why small businesses actually have an ADVANTAGE over traditional mass marketers
  • How you can become No.1 in your customers eyes, while other companies get nowhere
How Extraordinary Businesses Advertise Their Way To Success And How You Can Too
  • How to instantly take a boring “me too” advert and turn it into a “killer” with just the addition of 1 or 2 lines
  • Powerful examples to make it super easy to apply “differentiation” in your business
  • How successful entrepreneurs have made themselves and their businesses unique
  • 3 ways you can make your business impossible to ignore … NOW
VIDEO #3: How To Sell Your Product Or Service So Well, Customers Practically Beg You To Take Their Money
  • The simple but super powerful process for virtually grabbing your prospect by the collar and making them drink up to your sales presentation like it was milk to a baby
  • Heaps and heaps of ways to apply this process in your business for real PROFIT, including actual ideas and examples that you can flat out copy, or just use to spur on your own imagination
  • How to intrigue your prospect; create desire in their hearts; close the sale … and more!
VIDEO #4: The Yawningly Simple ... And Devastatingly Effective ... Way To Triple Your Profits And Become An “Advertising Genius
  • The only way to create advertising that will make you rich
  • 4 advertising mistakes that can lose you thousands of dollars
  • How smart advertisers make their fortune
  • The simple principle you can use to make money from your advertising all the time, with every single ad you run
  • How I became an “advertising genius” and how you can too … PLUS amazing real examples of advertising tests
VIDEO #5: REVEALED: The Money-Making Secrets Of A Killer Sales Letter Which Made $139,800 in Just 29 Days!
The Advertising Of The Future - What It Is, And Why You Need to Start Doing It … Faster
  • See an actual sample of a letter which made $139,800 in just 29 days - I don't think I need to mention how important this is for any business owner to see. Actual proof that what you write can make you rich.
VIDEO #6: How To Design Your Own “Killer” Ad And Increase Your Response By 500%
  • How NOT to design your ad
  • One of the key secrets of successful advertising design (something which most graphic artists don't have a clue about, so don't get them to design your ad! Do it yourself!!)
  • Exactly how to design your ad for maximum profits
  • 6 proven examples of advertising design that work, including one that has personally brought me over $12,000 in sales in just a few months
VIDEO #7: Sensational Ads Set To Dominate And Profit
  • How an ‘average' Yellow Pages ad was turned into a blockbuster
  • How a client of mine can now pick and choose the jobs he wants
  • How a reader is using what he's learning to write great ads, and
  • “The 5 Fears” - why they're holding you back from big profits
VIDEO #8: BUSINESS SLOWING DOWN? Here's What To Do About It Now, And Recession Proof Your Business ... Forever
  • What NOT to do when your turnover takes a siesta … and how to avoid becoming a ‘tortoise'
  • How to get maximum results, impact and profit from all your advertising efforts
  • 6 powerful Recession-Busters, plus
  • A proven press release which not only gets printed, but makes money too
VIDEO #9: How To Get Your Customers To Stop What They're Doing And Order - The Secrets Behind Offers That No-One Can Refuse
  • How to make your offer so irresistible that your prospects can't wait to contact you or spend their cash
  • Absolute “killer” examples of hot offers that got the phone ringing off the hook (including one offer which tripled the owner's business and made him an extra $200,000 a year) - model these offers for your own profit
  • How to send your sales soaring with a simple little twist
VIDEO #10: ADVERTISING MASTER LESSON: Two Of The Most Successful Advertising Pieces In The History Of The World - Revealed Here For Your Own Profit
  • The actual word-for-word advertising piece for American Express which was mailed to over 280 million people and generated well over a billion dollars in revenue
  • Then a second piece which again was a world-beater, but this time for The Wall Street Journal - taking in an estimated billion dollars
  • How to use these outrageously successful letters for profiting in your own business
VIDEO #11: How To Write Ads Which Make Your Customers Practically Beg You To Take Their Money
  • The real reason you create an advertisement
  • How to find and understand your prospects like they were family
  • The nine things you must know if you want to make money hand over fist
  • A real-life example of someone who can't handle any more customers and beats every other business in his industry - even though he lives in one of the smallest towns in Australia
VIDEO #12: 8 Quick And Easy Design Secrets Of Ads & Sales Letters That Sell!
  • Which point-size is the most effective for increasing readership and getting sales
  • Which fonts are the best to use, and which to avoid like the plague
  • How to make sure you don't scare your prospect off BEFORE they've even read your ad
  • How to make prospects notice the things you want them to - you're actually in control!
  • How to hook your reader into reading your complete ad or sales letter … and more
Brett McFall -- Australia's #1 Copywriter Of Over 7,800 Ads & Sales Letters invites you to take a front row seat as he coaches REAL business owners to take THEIR OWN basic, boring, no-response ads ...

(the kind you may have used in the past or may even be using right now)

... and turn them into million-dollar blockbusters in under half an hour!

Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course

If you do not believe...

Read what people say...

"$33,420 in just 10 days"

"I've used advertising writers for over 11 years, and Brett McFall is without doubt the best. One campaign alone netted my business $33,420 in just 10 days."

Michael Katsis, Business Opportunity Center, Victoria

"3,148% Increase In Just 7 Weeks"

"Last year I picked up only 4 clients for the whole year from the Yellow Pages. So Brett McFall helped me tweak my ad just before I put it in the new edition. The results?


In just the first 7 weeks I've picked up 17 clients! That's a 3,148% increase in response!

And I've also turned away another 5 clients because I haven't had time to get to them.

What's more, I've actually had to sell 40% of the business because I can't keep up with the workload. It's got to the point already that I am turning away more calls than I can take.

And it's great because I'm charging a really good price - yet still getting their business. Brett's advice is going to make me tens of thousand of dollars."

Justin Stone, Bayside Maintenance Group, Victoria Point, Qld

"I've received 900 calls!"

"I ran my own ad in a recent financial magazine and got 200 responses over two months. Then I hired Brett to create an ad for me.

Within 21 days of the new edition of that same financial magazine coming out, I've received 900 calls!

A 1,200% increase in response -- and there's still another 5 weeks to go!

By using Brett to create my marketing I stand to earn well over $200,000 in just a couple of months!"

Bill Zheng, Director,

"The wealth of information you provide for the price is incredible. In a nutshell - this is simply a great tool for making much more money from our advertising. Thank you."

Gary Jameson, Emotional Healing Therapy, Vic.

“Since implementing Brett's strategies, customer response has increased and my goal of standing out above my competitors is now being realised.  Thank you Brett!”

Dean Nelson, Brisbane, Australia.

“With Brett's information on writing copy, I was able to create an ad to sell one of my businesses.  It sold in 24 hours and the phone kept ringing for a further 4 days!  Not bad for an amateur and all for less than 3 minutes work…”

Mick Hagarty, Brisbane, Australia.

Elizabeth had these amazing words to say about the session afterwards...

"The smoke has cleared! My mind is at last focused like a laser beam as to how I'm going to have massive impact on my market. In fact, in my opinion, this half hour coaching session with Brett will result in tens of thousands of dollars in extra sales for my company. What a bargain!

The headlines he gave me were superb (in fact, I can't wait to try them out!), and his advice on how to write the opening line was gold. Thank you so much!"

Elizabeth Moss,

Here is what Mr Purser had to say about the session afterwards...

"To be honest, Brett totally ripped my letter to shreds - but I loved every minute of it!

Simply because what he revealed was such pure money-making magic. I could literally feel the dollar signs turning over in my eyes as I listened to every profit-generating word.

He gave me some simply amazing headlines ... told me exactly what to say to get people so excited that they'd feel crazy if they DIDN'T give me their money ... and so much more.

Without doubt, this one half hour session made more sense ... and gave me more money-making advice - than the last 6 months I've spent with 'so-called' business coaches.

I've learnt a very valuable with professionals."

Brett Purser, SureSlim, Manly

Here is what Jan had to say after the mind-blowing session with Brett...

"After spending $800 on advertising only to make a measly $180, I was getting worried if I was going to be able to sell any of my product at all.

But thankfully I took a coaching session with Brett.

He showed me clearly the reasons why virtually no-one had responded to my ad. In fact, he simply blew my mind with one amazing money-making idea after the other.

At the end I had so many ways to send response soaring that I didn't know which one to start first - and that was the best problem I've had for years!"

Jan Denford, The Podlett People, Parkerville, W.A.


Read what people say about this VIDEO COURSE Only...

This Video Course has been tested on Ebay before launching it to the public

What you will get when you order this course:

12 movies of almost 30 minutes for a total of 6 hours.

You can watch them any time you login to our website. You will relax in front of your computer and discover all the secrets of a real genius and with no need to spend more than $10,000 each time you need an advertising piece by an expert you will discover how easily you can profit from Brett's easy methods to do everything for yourself...

Plus you will be so good in writing a piece of advertising that business men will pray you to write pieces for them...

See... I wrote this piece just alone after I discovered the easy way from Brett's amazing material...

But now I ease your way resuming everything in amazing video tutorials even young boys can profit from...

Don't leave this great opportunity to other people...

if you skip this opportunity now...

You will leave them the great chance to profit from this new way of presenting advertising!

There are few moments in anyone's life to make the right step... If this is where your business should need a push... Tomorrow can be late.

I have bought many documents and courses on Internet Marketing but many times I purchased them when they were already exploited by a lot of people...

So I tell you this as I know what I mean...

And, as it is a new experiment and I believe in serious people who believe in the quick action I give you the possibility to have it for a very ridiculous price. Then when it is launched I will remove some bonuses and increase the price.

But if you do not like it you can send it to me after 30 days you received it at your home and I will give you your money back (all, except that for the initial delivery) and we are ok.

You will instantly download the bonuses and you will receive the video course by priority email at your house door without wondering of it... just fulfill the sign-up form with your address, town, state, zip code, ... All you need to have it shipped to your home!

Plus you will be automatically a member of DaVinciStrategyLab newsletter which will give you the opportunity to discover many new marketing and project management techniques to profit for your business!

Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course

But wait!

If you purchase this video course now you will get a great package of bonuses never presented to any person in the world, in any place.. about copywriting...

with these bonuses and the video course there is nothing more to know about copywriting.

You are a step to the greatest package ever presented to become a real advertiser and not say any more to someone... "Hey how much should I pay you for a piece of advertising?"... but If you follow what you discover in this course...

People will ask you to write for them!

Read carefully the amazing details on the bonuses I am going to give you:

Bonus #1 - "REVEALED! The Incredible Secrets Of A Rebel Australian Copywriter Who Turns 'Do-Nothing' Ads Into
Money-Making Machines In Less Than 30 Minutes!"

(a $99 value)

When was the last time you actually saw a so-called "marketing genius" in action? When have you seen someone truly solve marketing problems on the spot?

Introducing The Easy Way To Say Goodbye To Your Money Problems Forever At World Record Pace ... By Discovering ...

"The 30-Minute Marketing Miracle"

How To Turn Your Ordinary, Poor-Response Ads ... Into Killer Money-Making Machines ... In Just 30 Minutes

An amazing opportunity!

Sit there stunned as you go behind the scenes with one of the world's best copywriters, and see how his mind solves the marketing problems that stump people like you and me ... and how he does it in just 30 minutes!

  • POWER COACHING SESSION #1 - How To Create A Simply Irresistible Offer ($1500 Value - that's how much you'd pay to have a one-on-one session with Brett)

  • POWER COACHING SESSION #2 - The Art Of Knowing WHEN To Tell People WHAT You Sell ($1500 Value)

  • POWER COACHING SESSION #3 - How To Quickly And Easily Turn A Massive Failure Into A Huge Success ($1500 Value)

  • BONUS - "The 7 Secrets Of Money-Making Advertising" ($99 Value)

And the great part is, you not only get all this incredible program in clear audio, but you also get the full transcripts of EVERY single word (including the actual ads being critiqued!). So you won't miss a trick.

Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course

Bonus # 2 - How To Sell High Priced Products On The Internet And Make 4 Times The Profit For 1/4 Of The Effort" (Brett McFall)

(a $27 value)

Discover now...

•  3 reasons why you should consider selling high priced products IMMEDIATELY

•  The perfect type of product to sell at high prices

•  The best way to get started TODAY - even if you don't have a high priced product of your own

•  2 actual salesletter/website examples - one has made over $85,000 in the past 3 weeks ... the other has made over $1,000,000 in the past 6 months!

•  2 killer things your website MUST have if it's going to sell a ton of product for very little effort

•  How to make even the highest priced product appear like an absolute bargain

•  How to create an avalanched of sales without hardly doing anything at all

•  A simple plan to explode your database (and this is really where all the money is) - I guarantee you've never heard anyone reveal this "backdoor" way to own the databases of the "big players" for free  ... and so much more.

Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course

Bonus # 3 - PAPERLESS COPYWRITING - "Do You Want to Learn How to Write
Million Dollar Sales Letters?"

(a $127 value)

Including Master Resell Rights

Paperless Copywriting Module 1: Writing the Sales Letter

This is the main part of the package... this is where you learn how to write your own sales letter. I've included 5 products so if you don't like one of the e-book, there's always 4 other e-books to consult to.

Included Products:

1. Killer Mini Sites
2. 10 Steps to Killer Web Copy
3. Cashflow E-business E-book
4. How to Write Million Dollar Ad Copy
5. Discover How to Write Killer Ads
6. Million Dollar Sales Letters

Paperless Copywriting Module 2: Words That Sell

You'll learn the exact words that sell like crazy! Although it's hard to believe, Joseph Sugarman has changed one word before and doubled his sales.

Included Products:

1. 850 Words and Phrases That Sell!
2. Magic Letters

Paperless Copywriting Module 3: Swipe File and Templates

A swipe file is a copywriter's best friend. It's a collection of proven, successful sales letters that you can use to model, not copy (that's illegal). When you have a swipe file, writer's blocks become a foggy memory because you can just look at other sales letters as a model.

Included Products:

1. Magnetic Sales Letters
2. 92 Hypnotic Sales Letter Templates
3. Web Sales Letters Supreme

Paperless Copywriting Module 4: Advanced Copywriting

If you're serious about being a killer copywriter, then you'll definitely read "The Buy Impulse", together with the already mentioned bonus #1 "30 Minute Marketing Miracle", because both show you how to make a "so-so" sales letter to a "killer" sales letter.

Included Products:

1. The Buy Impulse

Paperless Copywriting Module 5: Classic Copywriting Resources

Included Products:

1. Scientific Advertising

Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course

Bonus # 4 - How YOU Can Write Your Own Sales Letter That Kills - Which Produces a Minimum 2-4% Conversion Rate - And Save $15,000 From Hiring Your Own Copywriter!

(a $997 value)
(But you can value $15,000 value because you do not have to pay for a copywriter!)

  • You can finally discover how you can get your own professional sales copy written,
  • You can get the kind of results you want from your own sales letter,
  • You don't have to invest $15,000 to have this achieved, and
  • No, You don't even need to invest anywhere near $1,000, either!

Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course

Bonus # 5 - The Golden Book of Proof - Discover the amazing secrets that have made have big money – for a guy who failed English in school!

(a $47 value!)

Discover the little known secrets that 9 out of 10 business owners don't know – but which could change the advertisements for your business into cash generating machines – EVEN if you know NOTHING about marketing

Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course

Bonus for the first 50 people ordering the video course now!

Masters of Copywriting

(a $197 value)

A Complete Course on The Principles and Practice of Writing Advertising and Direct Mail Copy That Sells

Completing this course is like having a "Ph.D. in copywriting" according to David Ogilvy

Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course

If you order today you get the following package:

Product Value
1 - Copywriting Videos (12 movies, streaming videos - 6 hours training)
2 - The 30-Minute Marketing Miracle
3 - POWER COACHING SESSION #1 - How To Create A Simply Irresistible Offer
4 - POWER COACHING SESSION #2 - The Art Of Knowing WHEN To Tell People WHAT You Sell
5 - POWER COACHING SESSION #3 - How To Quickly And Easily Turn A Massive Failure Into A Huge Success
6 - "The 7 Secrets Of Money-Making Advertising"
7 - Paperless Copywriting
8 - How To Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter
9 - The Golden Book of Proof

You Get EVERYTHING You See Above For A
One-Time Low Payment of Only $47.00

My 30 DAYS "Go ahead and try out Copywriting Videos and all the bonuses 100% risk-free, and if you're not absolutely satisfied with it I'll give you a prompt and courteous refund" Guarantee

I've every intention in honoring the guarantee. I will not question you or give you a refund as late as I can. There is one catch though ... I'll only honor the guarantee after you have purchased Copywriting Videos for 30 days.

Why? Because I don't want unscrupulous online business owners to ask a refund the next morning. You still have 300 or so odd days to ask for a guarantee.


Order Now Your Risk Free Copy of "Exclusive Insights" Media Course


Your Payment Option - Get The Full Package:

Video tutorial longer than 6 hours and a great package of bonuses all related to copywriting which can make skyrocket your business for a total value of $2,797 for a ridiculous price of $497 $397 $297 $197 $97 $47

The offer includes:

  • The video course (12 movies, 6 hours training)
  • The 30-Minute Marketing Miracle
  • How To Create A Simply Irresistible Offer
  • The Art Of Knowing WHEN To Tell People WHAT You Sell
  • How To Quickly And Easily Turn A Massive Failure Into A Huge Success
  • The 7 Secrets Of Money-Making Advertising
  • Paperless Copywriting
  • How To Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter
  • The Golden Book of Proof

You are just few seconds away from your best decision for your online business career..


Dan Protti

P.S. -  Remember, we assume all the risk. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and I have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

P.P.S.-  It is time for YOU to become a "COPYWRITER", stop being part of the business men ruined by copywriting costs. Its time for you to become the ONE... Finally!! Order Now

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Here's what Tom Hua , a master web marketer from Melbourne Australia , who is respected around the world, had to say about him…

"I've been marketing on the internet now for years and make up to $2,000 a day.  I've been in contact with some of the best copywriters the world has to offer. In fact, they hound me to use them.  But I don't. Not since I stumbled upon one of the most gifted copywriters in the world, Brett McFall.  From the first time I saw his copy in action, I knew it literally meant hundreds of thousands of dollars in EXTRA income for me. Income that few other writers could bring about .  In fact, in my first project with him, his copy SOLD OUT a $2,497 seminar in just 7 weeks . With another 102 people screaming to be put on a waiting list (that's how desperate his copy made them to hand over their money).  I've never seen that happen before.  So the most important thing is hang on every word he says...  read anything he writes ... and buy any product he has - just to be close to his genius.  From the moment you do, you will begin to discover the simple secrets that will turn your business into a money-machine."

You can have Brett's secrets at your home. The choices you make right now will influence your business soon.   

Order Now 


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